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Expression parser 3.4.2 evaluates scripts in Pascal like language.
It is not an interpretator, but is a quasi compiler, so it works fast.
What's new:
  • A cumulative update that contains fixes for all reported bugs and improvements;
  • TEPVCLClasses component does not contain anymore registrations for BDE and ADO related components, so the Expression parser main package is completely unbounded from BDE and ADO. All registrations for BDE and ADO related components are in separate units ("epBDEReg.pas" and "epADOReg.pas"), that have to include in your program regarding your needs;
  • user defined variables, functions and aliases;
  • supports block of statements;
  • supports: if...then..else...;for...:=... to/downto ... do ;; repeat...until...;
  • supports try finally end; try except end, raising exception;
  • nested and inline comments
  • class creating, referencing any published property of any class;
  • and more than 800 registered public methods and properties of more than 100 useful Delphi VCL classes;
  • creating and referencing OLE Automation objects;
  • DB fields can be used directly in a script, in a form [DataSource].FieldName;
  • links directly in a script to a runtime components, that can be also on a data module;
  • links to any runtime function or class method;
  • calling user defined scripts from the program;
  • executing a script generated script;
  • variables, can be defined by value, expression, DBField or as a link to a runtime variable;
  • syntax checking of the scripts, checks also for using a valid variables, functions and arguments;
  • request for used variables, by a given script, that need initialization;
  • on event evaluated functions and variables;
  • supports integer hex values, floating point, boolean, date, string and variant type constants;
  • design time editors for variables and functions, that can be loaded and saved in INI file;
  • special links of dependences, tracks the changes in related objects;
  • more than 200 build in functions;
  • enhance error handling; compile-time and runtime error handling, returning row, column and position of the error;
  • full help and demo;
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