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Expression builder is a library of components that enhancies the power of Expression parser, and helps you to embed expression builder dialogs in your applications. Providing such a feature in your applications will enable the users to speed entering syntax valid expressions, check them, and store in a dataset along with any user data.
What's new:
  • 3 new components are added - TEPClassTreeView, TEPClassComboBox, TEPClassMemberBox - for browsing registered in Expression parser classes and all their accessible methods and properties
  • functions are separated in function's categories, which could be choosed from categories' combobox or list box;
  • help hints about declaration and description of the selected function;
  • could declare and use custom user data;
  • could build your own expression builder dialogs, as well as to use the default one (TExprBuilderDlg component) with just one row of source code.
  • automated the process of building scripts, using double clicking over the function or variable, which inserts the selected function, syntax formated, at the current possition in a script;
  • could set DataSource, DataField properties, where to save builded script, along with any user data, which could be used later to perform certain calculations;
  • with the help of TExprSolver component, you could automate the process of evaluation the stored scripts. It automatically fetches scripts stored in a dataset along with any user data, tries to initialize all used by a given script variables from INI file and from a dataset, fires an event just before to make a calculation, to enable you to make some initializations and then calculate the script. The only thing you left to do is to specify, where to take all these data from.
  • full help and demo included;

Sample screenshot:

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